June 15, 2020


I hope everyone is getting through this pandemic healthy and safe. We are going through some demanding times.  Thank you for your sacrifices and your refusal to quit.

District Council 3 Joint Apprenticeship Training Center is still postponing all classes until further notice. If you need a class for a raise or to get on a jobsite, we will make accommodations for you. ALL apprentices should have their online courses done by the end of June.

With some confusion and questioning as to how to proceed, the STAR committee met again on June 15, 2020. After some discussion, they have decided to make both STAR events for the years 2020 and 2021 the same event. Which means you will only need 10 safety hours and 800 non recordable accident hours (field) to qualify. We will have 2 grand prizes, plus more prizes. Qualifying period is July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2021.

Apprentices not eligible for the grand prize drawing for the year 2020 will not be entered into the drawing until a winner is picked. Once a winner is picked for the 2020 grand prize all qualifying apprentices will be added to the 2nd grand prize drawing.

For future refences on upcoming Health & Safety classes please visit our website, iupatdc3training.com. In addition, a mailer will be sent out to the membership in late August showing the classes that will be offered starting mid-September.

Any questions or concerns please contact me at 816-289-3675.


Chad Dalton