By-Laws Committee

From the Constitution of the IUPAT:

Sec. 125. (a) Each District Council shall frame its own bylaws, which shall in no way conflict with this Constitution. All District Council Bylaws shall conform to the Model Bylaws for District Councils published by the General Executive Board. All Bylaws shall be submitted for approval to the General Executive Board in a manner and on a template established by the General Secretary-Treasurer. The General Executive Board may approve as written, or it may require corrections that are in its discretion needed to avoid conflict with this Constitution or with law. Upon approval, or approval as corrected, by the General Executive Board, a copy of the Bylaws shall be returned to the District Council and a copy shall be retained by the General Secretary-Treasurer. Bylaws or changes thereto, shall not be implemented, printed or enforced prior to approval by the General Executive Board. (b) Each District Council shall have a Bylaws Committee as a standing committee. All proposed changes in the bylaws must be submitted for approval to the Bylaws Committee and thereafter to the Council delegates. Once approved by the Bylaws Committee and the Council delegates, as proposed or as amended or modified by the approving body, such proposed changes must be submitted by the District Council for referendum vote among its members. The referendum vote shall be conducted in accordance with the procedure specified in sub section (c).

The Committee is appointed for a five year term.  For more information please contact BM/ST Frank Carpenter.