Meet the Training Staff

Chad D. Dalton
Director of Training

Chad began working for the District Council 3 Training Fund in 2013 as the Glazier’s Apprenticeship Coordinator/Instructor and & Safety Trainer. Prior to starting, he worked in the field as a Glazier for nine years for a small glass company doing various task of the glazing trade. He has received his Instructor training from the Finishing Trades Institute in Baltimore, Md. In June of 2017 he was hired as the Director of Training for the Fund and remains in that position currently. Chad and his wife Amanda, together have three awesome children, Dustan, Ava and Delaney. Time spent away from work includes, swimming, fishing, barbequing, coaching his daughter’s soccer teams and watching sports.

Paul KurkowskiPaul Kurkowski
Drywall Instructor

Paul began working for the District Council 3 Training Fund in 2014 as the Drywall Apprenticeship and Safety Trainer. Paul has been a member of DC#3 since 1995 after he moved from Minneapolis to Kansas City. Paul worked for Allied Construction as a finisher till 2002 then moved to field superintendent of Color Inc until accepting position as instructor. In June of 2017 he was hired as the Paint & Drywall Coordinator/Instructor for the Fund and remains in that position currently. He has 2 children; daughter Rilee and son, Jack. Paul lives in Paola, Kansas.

Larry Bowline Larry Bowline
Painting & Safety Instructor

Larry has been working as the Painting and Safety Instructor for the District Council #3 Training Fund since March of 2017. Larry has been a member of District Council #3 since 1999 when he was 19 years old. He has been a lifelong resident of the Kansas city metro area. Larry worked for A.T. Switzer, MVP, and PCI before accepting his position at the Apprenticeship school. Larry serves as a Trustee on the Local 2012 pension fund, he also is the recording secretary for Local 2012, and enjoys volunteering for his union. Larry has 4 awesome children, Makenzie, Emily, Gracie and Katey who he gained from his fiancé Emily. They plan to marry in 2022. Larry enjoys spending time with his family and has multiple hobbies that keep him busy.

Ronald BallengerRonald Ballenger
Glazing Instructor

Ronald began working for the District Council 3 Training Fund in 2017 as the Glazier Instructor. Ron has been an apprentice for over 21 years. He graduated from the apprenticeship in 2006 and had the honor of being the "Apprentice of the Year". I served on the executive board for 3 years for Local 558. I have served as a shop steward, lead, foreman and fabricator. I am married to my lovely wife and father to two great boys.

Jeremy JacksonJeremy Jackson
Job Corps Instructor

My name is Jeremy Jackson and I am a National Training Contractor for the Excelsior Springs Missouri Job Corps. I am a DC#3/Local 2012 Industrial Painter by trade. I’m originally from Texas but graduated from Pittsburg State University in 2011. I joined the Union in 2014 and became the Painting Instructor at Excelsior Springs in 2019. I love exercising and exploring personal development.

Karla Underwood
Administrative Assistant

Karla began working as an Administrative Assistant for District Council #3 Painters & Allied Trades Training Fund in the early spring of 2000. She and her husband Tim, of 37 years have two children and six grandchildren. Travel and grandchildren take up most of their spare time. Karla has a long connection with DC#3, with her husband and father-n-law both retired and she and her son active members.