Job Corps

Job Corps

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Part of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society Program, It was created to give at-risk and underprivileged youth academic and vocational training that would prepare them for the job market and end the cycle of poverty.

Each year more than 65,000 young men and woman are trained and placed through a network of 112 Job Corps Centers in 47 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. That makes Job Corps America’s oldest, largest, and most comprehensive residential training program for unemployed and undereducated youth.

The IUPAT has been involved in Job Corps since 1969 and is one of five building trades unions offering training programs through Job Corps. Today, our union sponsors over 59 Job Corps programs in 32 states. Although the majority are painting programs, the IUPAT also offers a floor covering program, three glazing programs, three sign, display, and billboard programs, and an advanced painting program.

All IUPAT Job Corps Programs take approximately one year to complete, and consist of on-the-job training, social skills development and general education. Students must do well in all parts of the program in order to meet the requirements necessary for entry into an Apprenticeship Program. The amount of time spent in general education and on-the-job training will depend on how hard the student works and on their educational level at the time of entry into the program.

On-The-Job Training: Students work on training projects on the Job Corps Center and on community services projects off the center. Great care is taken to make every training project asclose to a real employment situation as possible. This real hands-on training prepares the students for the job market. Students learn to use basic tools and materials and receive related instruction similar to that given in a regular Apprenticeship Program. Each Job Corps participant is expected to develop safe work habits and a positive and responsible attitude toward work.

General Education: In the classroom IUPAT Job Corps students learn basic math and reading skills, which are necessary in today’s high-tech world. They also have an opportunity to earn a high school diploma or the equivalent G.E.D., which will assure that they meet education requirements for entrance into an Apprenticeship Program.