DC 3 Representatives

Todd Doree, Business Manager

I am a 2nd generation painter of DC 3 and a father of 2 wonderful children. My son Cameron is a member of Glaziers Local 558 and my daughter Erica is about to graduate high school. My hobbies include going to the gym, Skydiving when I get the chance, but most commonly taking my kids to their sporting events.

I am a Marine Corps veteran of the Gulf War and have been a member in good standing for almost 32 years now. I could not be more proud to be the Business Manager of such a great organization, and consider myself blessed to have the staff and membership that we have here at the District Council.

If I could give one bit of advice it would be to be involved with your UNION, attend the meetings, make yourself heard and help give us direction for our future. 

USMC 1984-91 Desert Storm Veteran
1988 Joined Painters Apprenticeship                                                           
Goens Bro. Painting 15 years
Elected Business Rep L/U #9 in 2003
Elected by DC 3 Delegates for BM/ST 3/1/12
Elected by the members in June 2012 & 2016 for BM/ST
Trustee to the following funds:
DC 3 Paint and Drywall Pension
DC 3 H&W fund                                                                                         
Kansas Building Trades
L/U 558 Pension fund
JATC fund
STAR fund 
KBT Pension Fund
KBT H&W Fund

Frank Carpenter, Director of Servicing

Frank Carpenter

I have been a proud member of District Council 3 Local 820 of the IUPAT since 1990. I worked at Gill Studios for 14 years where I was elected to be the Chief Union Steward in 2000. I was elected to be the Business Representative for Local 820 in 2003 and am currently on my 5th term as a Business Representative. I was appointed as the Director of Servicing in 2012. I am an Executive Board member for District Council 3 and the Kansas AFL-CIO. I am also a Delegate to the Greater Kansas City AFL-CIO,  Kansas Building Trades Wichita Building Trades and the Northeast Kansas Building Trades. I enjoy working with all of the members to help improve the standards and deal with all issues to strive for a better workplace.

I serve as a trustee on the following funds:                                                      District Council 3 H&W Fund                                                                              Local 2012 Pension Fund

Shawn Delgado, Director of Organizing

Shawn Delgado

I am a proud Colombian immigrant who came from the capital city, Bogota, in the early 1990s. Upon my arrival, I began to work in residential painting. After a few years I was blessed to become a father to my beautiful daughter, Camille in 1995.

In 1998, I had the opportunity to join the Capitol Painting Company and one year later the International Union of Painters And Allied Trades District Council #3. In 2004, I married my beautiful wife, Olivia and eventually became a citizen of the United States.

Today, I am proud to have served as a member of the Union Painters and Allied Trades for almost 20 years and I sincerely believe it was the best decision that I have ever made in my career. A decision that has led me to be a part of the District Council #3 staff and serve as a Business Organizer working alongside the best Union leaders in the Kansas City metro area. Leaders who have provided me with the tools and the support to do my job successfully every single day. I owe everything to my Union and I challenge you to came to my office and listen to my story, a story that I’m pretty sure will change your life as well.
Through the Union, I have been able to learn and serve in many community organizations including:

  • Business Organizer and Business Representative of the IUPAT District Council #3
  • Secretary of the Central Regional Convention (CORE)
  • Secretary of the International Latino Committee
  • Member of the B.B.C. (Black and Brown Coalition) with Congressman, Emanuel Cleaver
  • State of Kansas Business Agent
  • IUPAT, Leadership Training Certification
  • Director of Business Development of the Colombian Cultural Association
  • Member of the Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce
  • Member of the Puerto Rican Society in Kansas City
  • Member of LCLAA National
  • Member of the Political Action Chairman’s Club

Jessica Podhola, Director of Government Affairs

Jessica Podhola

I am passionate about making a difference through political action and organization. A longtime Independence resident. I currently serves as the Governmental Affairs Director for the District Council 3, where I fight every day to make sure Kansas and Missouri workers and their families have a voice in all levels of their government. My family and I have called Independence home for nearly 17 years. My husband Scott and I have been married for 16 years and have three children. 

President, Greater Kansas City Coalition of Labor Union Women
Heartland Women in Trades  
Executive Board of the Missouri AFL CIO
Greater Kansas City AFL CIO
St. joseph Building and Trades
Sedalia Building and Trades

David Cox, Business Rep/Organizer

David Cox

I’ve worked consistently as a painter since 1996 before that very inconsistently in the field.

Elected to my third term as a Business Representative, I have been assigned as a Trustee on the Health and Welfare, Pension, JATF and JAC at the Training Center. I serve on the loan committee at United Labor Credit Union.

I was married for 30 years, now separated for 2 of the happiest years of my life, together we raised 6 children, I am now enjoying grand children.

Hobbies include horse back riding, I have a Tennessee Walking horse, named Champ, we do some trail riding and I’m restoring a 1964 ford f100 short bed in my garage so far its been a labor of love, and a project and a half. I pray for our members, contractors, and our leadership on a daily. I’m Ordained over the Internet and have officiated several weddings, 2 for members. I’m active on the school PTA and watchdog dad program.I love my job and I’m very grateful for it.

Joey Flickner, Business Rep/Organizer

Joey Flickner

I am a first-generation drywall finisher who joined the apprenticeship and IUPAT Local Union #861 on August 12th 1996 when I was 28 years old.  I graduated after 3 years having never missed a class.  I started coming to my Union meetings from the very beginning as an apprentice and got involved as a member.  In 2012 I was part of a group of officers of our core 4 paint and drywall Local Unions that were able to successfully merge all 4 Locals into one, Local Union #2012.  I have held the following positions within my Local Unions and District Council.

Have served on many committees for my Local Union and District Council.  Bylaws Committee for both Local Union and District Council. Election Committee on several occasions.

I believe it is the responsibility of us, as leaders, to be an example, to our younger and newer members who strive to be leaders themselves.  Help them get involved with our different activities and when they are ready, be willing to step aside and let the new generation lead.

Trustee Local Union 861
Financial Secretary Local Union 861:  2001-2012
Financial Secretary Local Union 2012:  2012-2018                     
Delegate to District Council 3:  2001-2016                                       
Financial Secretary Local Union 2012:  2012-2018                     
Delegate to District Council 3:  2001-2016                                                         
E-Board member:  2003-2016                                                                       
Trustee:  2004-2009, 2012-2016                                                                                 
Head Trustee: 2006-2009, 2012-2016                                                               
President of DC3 2009-2012

Deme Garcia, Business Representative LU 558

Deme Garcia

I joined the Glaziers Union on July 5th, 2005 when I was 20 years old, because I needed Health Insurance. I graduated our 4 year Apprenticeship Program, and 2 years later became the Business Representative. I always went to meetings, I always stayed involved, our Union gives every member, every opportunity, to become involved and make our voices heard. Whether you are a member, an officer, a delegate, a trustee, or a retiree. GET INVOVLED! STAY INVOLVED! MAKE A DIFFERENCE! MAKE YOUR OWN FUTURE!”

Executive Board for Local 558 for 3 years
Trustee of General Funds for Local 558 for 3 years
Business Rep since August of 2011
Member of the National Glazing Certification Committee
Trustee of District Council 3 Health & Welfare
Trustee of Local 558 Pension
Trustee of District Council 3 Collection Committee
Trustee of Joint Apprenticeship Committee Funds                                    Trustee Safety Training Awards Recognition Program
District Council 3 Executive Board member
District Council 3 Delegate
Local 558 Apprenticeship Committee

Join the Union and gain a professional trade skill by getting involved and becoming a leader for your family and community.

Linda Noble, Office Manager

I am a proud 5 year member of IUPAT District Council 3.  I worked for a union painting contractor as the Office Manager for 22 years before coming to work at District Council 3.  I am the Financial Secretary for Local 820, and am also an Executive Board Member for District Council 3. I work with a great group of people…our Business Manager, Business Representatives, as well as the members.   I feel blessed that I was offered the position I have here.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing pool, riding a motorcycle, and above all, my grandkids.

Sheri Helms, Office Assistant

I’ve been the administrative assistant at DC 3 for four years this month. I am the cheerful voice on the other end of the phone and the first impression of our union with the public. I love my job and enjoy getting to know our members and their families. I have four children I enjoy spending my time with, my hobbies; well I have none, because I have five children. 


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