Our Contractors

The men and women of the IUPAT District Council 3 are the best prepared and skilled workforce in the country.

We work to strengthen our partnerships with our contractors to increase our market share and our hours, while remembering that when our members succeed, we all succeed.

We lift up our local economies and serve our communities.  We are the “job creators”.

Together we have built Kansas City, Topeka, Springfield, Joplin, Wichita and beyond.

Our contractors are our partners.  District Council 3 is not a “hiring hall”, our contractors are free to hire the workforce they want for their projects. We work closely with our partners in providing the best trained, innovative, and skilled workforce available in our jurisdiction. For a complete list of our contractors please call the hall at 816-358-2440.

You may also download the most recent list here If you or your company is interested in any of the advantages that we offer to our contracting partners please give the council a call at 816-358-2440.



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