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Instructions for Striking




It is our understanding that you have agreed to perform picket duty for District Council 3 in connection with the normal operations of the Union.  You have no authority to act for District Council 3 except to comply with the following instructions:


1. Do not in any way obstruct entrances or exits to the premises.

2. Do not patrol or stand about unless you carry one of the picket signs furnished to you.  These signs disclose the name of the employer with whom you have a dispute and state that the purpose of the picketing is to protest the failure to ratify a contract.

3. Stay on publicly accessible areas when picketing.

4. Do not trespass upon private property.

5. Do not picket at job sites or locations of the company, other than its headquarters, except when the company is present or otherwise engaged in its normal business at such premises.

6. Do not in any way ask or try to induce people to go on the project, to leave the project, or to quit work on the project.

7. Hold no conversations with any truck drivers or other persons who attempt to make deliveries to projects or remove material from projects.

8. Do not record any automobile or truck license or any other identifying information with regard to those who enter or leave the premises.

9. Do not engage in arguments or misconduct.  Conduct yourself with courtesy at all times.

10. Do not engage in conversation with anyone.  Refer all questions to: 

Media Inquiries Contact: Jessica Podhola- 816-492-8878

Refer all other questions to:

Frank Carpenter, Business Manager Secretary-Treasurer

International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, District Council 3

9902 E 62nd Street

Raytown, MO 64133



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