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A Note from BM/ST Frank Carpenter


With the changes that have taken place at the District Council the last few months, I would like to give all of the members an update. First off, my name is Frank Carpenter, I am the new Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer of District Council 3 effective July 1, 2021, I have been a Business Rep since 2003. Joey Flickner has taken my place as the Director of Servicing. Shawn Delgado is the Director of Organizing and Jessica Podhola is the Director of Governmental Affairs. We have 2 Organizers that started with us last Spring, Josh Wyrick and Robert McCafferty. Joey Taylor from Local 820 has taken my place as the Business Rep effective October 4. I would also like to let everyone know of our benefits office, Wilson Mcshane having a login page for all of our members to get access to their benefits that are sent to Wilson McShane. We also have a Mobile Member App that is provided from the International that will have information on your membership paid through date, certifications that you have and pension information if you are part of the International Pension.

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Update from BM/ST Carpenter

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