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Kansas City, MO

May 15, 2019

“The IUPAT fights for working families”, is not just a slogan for us, it is something we do every day. We believe that a strong and vibrant middle and working class can lift an entire community. Building Communities, is something we know a little bit about, something we take pride in.

District Council 3 works hand in hand with community and neighborhood groups on issues like Affordable Housing, Economic and Workforce Development, Infrastructure, Immigration and creating an economy that works for all Kansas Citians.  We understand the challenges facing our community, we build this city, we see the worst and best that we can be.

We took the duty of endorsing in the Kansas City Mayoral race very seriously. We met with both of the candidates and had thorough discussions about the state of the city and their vision for the future. Honestly, the safest course of action would have been for us to follow along with some of the other construction trades, or to not endorse at all.

We have decided to be bold.

We believe that Kansas City needs a bold leader so we remain an affordable and desirable place to live. We believe that bold action is needed to ensure that our schools have the resources they need to continue on their march for full accreditation.  We believe that a bold future is within our reach if we have bold and decisive leadership in the Mayor’s office. We believe that with bold policies to combat crime and build better neighborhoods, we will build an economy that is more equitable and just.  We believe in our shared bold future in Kansas City and know that our best days can be ahead of us, if we have bold leadership.

We believe that Quinton Lucas is the bold leader that Kansas City needs to build a community that works for all of us, not just some of us.


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